You’re not helping.

I have a peeve with Endgamers.  You’re selling fear, at wholesale and making it up in volume.

You can blog and complain and gnash and gnash about your Google Analytics tells you how many hits you get and panels of experts all you want.

You’re not helping.

Build something that works for yourself.

Find people who want to do things for themselves, not wallow in social pity about how unfair life, governments, relationships, or whatever is.

Grow a garden. Read more.

Move your money [for whatever form of money you believe in].

Stop consuming to feel better about yourself.  You don’t need an iPad to feel good about yourself.  You don’t need a nice car if you can walk. If you can’t walk to where you need to go, move.

You’ll feel much more connected in the end, and you won’t be as stressed.

Talk to your neighbors and make your neighborhood the neighborhood you deserve.

And most of all, unsubscribe from fear media.


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