Vertical bills design for currency; QR codes; State in a Box relevance

Kottke’s link to a US Dollar Redesign (from a designer, not an actual US Dollar redesign) reminds us that most of us use our money “vertically” when handing it over and counting. The designs look a little plain and too much like IRS documents, which in itself has a bit of clever irony anyway. I’ll probably adopt this format for the future of ξ currency designs

In the end, we’re likely to use our own cell phones to check the validity of our money in the future, so barcodes like QR codes should be prominent, for example:
QR Code Example
Are likely to be standard on ξ currency.

Appliances that “count” money would also be modified to “validate” money as well. These same codes should be used to facilitate account identities–perhaps with a system not unlike Vinay Gupta’s “State in a Box” (CheapID) support systems. (Why not kill two birds with one stone?)


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