Fascinating Search Queries Stats for BitCoin Related Topics

One of the nice features of WordPress.com is getting some of the feedback on what people are searching for.  I don’t get many hits, but there is a lot of appetite for information about BitCoin.  Queries just for ξ-related items are highlighted– which is just one. 🙂

2011-06-01 to Today

Search Views
proof of work bitcoin 7
khps bitcoin 7
bitcoin hash rate 6
how long does it take to mine for bitcoins 3
bitcoin khps 3
bitcoin mining 2
bitcoin current difficulty factor 2
khps bitcoins 2
make money with bitcoin 2
bitcoin current difficulty 2
bitcoin tend to price of electricity 2
bitcoin typical hash 2
bitcoin difficulty factor 2
qr bitcoin 2
buying bitcoins 2
best way to mine bitcoins 1
bitcoin make money 1
arch bitcoin mining 1
cost of electricty mining bitcoins 1
bitcoin electricity 1
hash difficulty factor bitcoin 1
current difficulty bitcoin 1
bitcoins computer new less value hash 1
make money from bitcoin 1
average time to mine bitcoin 1
average bitcoin 1
generate bitcoins cpu usage 1
bitcoin hashrate 1
mining bitcoin work on? 1
elinor ostrom cooperation 1
good bitcoin hash speed 1
bitcoin waste of cpu 1
bitcoin cpu usage 1
khps bit coins 1
bitcoin nex difficulty 1
what does the ξ symbol mean 1
how much generating bitcoin costs 1
cost to produce bitcoin 1
difficulty factor 1 bitcoin 1
what is difficulty factor bitcoin 1
hash rate 1
internet speed required to mine bitcoins 1
“wallet.dat” bitcoin 1
bitcoin hash rate years 1
how fast will my computer mine bitcoins? 1
buying bitcoins faq 1
why bitcoin 1
capping bitcoin cpu use 1
how to make money with bitcoin 1
making money with bitcoin? 1
make money with bitcoins 1
bitcoin difficulty nonce 1
bit coin difficulty factor 1
what is current bitcoin difficulty 1
bitcoin buying 1
there are no third worlds. there is no west. there is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars” 1
what’s a good hash rate for bitcoins 1
we pull the rabbit out of the hat while everybody else sits around their whole life wondering how we did it. 1
bitcoin bandwidth usage 1
bitcoin mining electricity cost 1
hash rate / bitcoin’ 1
making money bitcoin 1
bitcoins too hard 1
making money with bitcoins 1
fofoa bitcoin 1
bitcoin difficulty 1
buy bitcoins and make money 1
what does it look like when i mine a bitcoin 1
bitcoind no cpu usage 1
bitcoin theoretical maximum hashes per second 1
wordpress bitcoins 1
bitcoin worth 2010 1
time electricity to create bitcoin 1
bitcoin difficulty in the moment 1
best machine to make bitcoins 1
how long does it take to generate one bitcoin 1
bitcoing cpu usage 1
bitcoin subdivision 1
limit bitcoin cpu usage 1
bitcoin buyin 1
bitcoin nonce difficulty hash 1
bitcoin cpu 1
what kind of computer hash rate

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