3 Easy Steps and 3 Hard Steps You Can Take as a 99%er

  1. Get your money out of the big banks and into a credit union. Do not store your money in repressive systems. [November 5th is BANK TRANSFER DAY.]
  2. Stop all political donations for the big political parties (Democrats and Republicans). Do not fund repressive systems.
  3. Stop buying all prepackaged manufactured food—start cooking your own food as much as possible. Do not fund systems that repress biodiversity. [Form or join food cooperatives! Grow it in your back yard! (Your neighbor’s back yard!) Guerrilla garden!]
Those were the easy ones. Are you up for the hard ones?
  1. Become a freelancer and barter as much as possible. Do not support repressive employment systems. [If you are unemployed, this is your “job” already.  If you follow the extreme version of step #3 below, you’ll find that the system already started building new repression in it by refusing to hire people with bad credit.]
  2. ???
  3. Pay off all debt. Vow to never acquire new debt for the rest of your life. Do not support abstract slavery via the financial credit system. [If you’re really, really, radical, you’ll stop paying it now despite the hit to your credit—ah, but then you’re never going to acquire any new debt for the rest of your now aren’t you?]
Why is the hard step #2 “???”, I am leaving that up to your own imagination. Exercise it.

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