Culture clash between the jobless (99ers) and Occupy Wall St (99%ers)

Salon updated its series with its sixth installment. It is full of fail between people. Sorry. The sausage of bottom-up democracy is bitter and tough—however, it shows excellent use of the human microphone as it has been refined over months of use at Zuccotti Park and the General Assembly. If you’re a 99er, for now at least, don’t expect much help from 99%ers, which in themselves can’t decide if they want to reboot/change the State or abandon it. The human microphone, is a great tool for informing people without technology, but it’s still being applied to State-like systems by people unsure what they want to do. If there’s a saving grace for 99%ers, they made their own rules for “never making demands,” which has allowed them to continue their anti-movement indefinitely since there are no expectations (if there are no demands, there’s nothing to move toward).


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