This blog is about rebooting the financial systems we use using principles that mandate transparency and fairness to all participants and systems design to avoid systemic issues.   For sure, these are hard problems for humanity, but with an open mind and much flexibility, we can propose solutions and attempt to solve them.

What will you find here?

A running theme through the blog will be highlights of current financial weirdness, pricing goods and services in ξ (see: What’s the Price?) and how to create a system everyone can administer/understand with transparency and fairness. Theory work involves:

  • How to use the aggregate “savings rate” to regulate the creation of new ξ money in societies.
  • Replacement of temporary representation infrastructure—the process of voting every 2–4 years for representatives which is vulnerable to emotional/factual manipulations by the mass media—with continuous direct representation (CDR) systems for social spending.

Check the faqs for the easy stuff, read the rest for the hard stuff.

Learning ξ

Brief guides to ξ concepts to read and share:


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