How much ξ exists?

The ξ money supply is dependent on the number of people in the economy.

The initial amount of private ξ allocated per person is calculated with a formula (no politics, no cheating). ln(people) = ξ/person.  People are free to spend it with other members in the economy following the same rules.

How new ξ is created.

People who save the ξ they earned instead of spending it creates the feedback required for allocating new money into the system. If no one is saving, there is no need for new money to be added to the system.

How ξ is there?

The amount of ξ that exists currently is ξ119.896 (about ξ3.526/person) in a very small and inactive community that was built two-years ago from the #reddit IRC channel and some other Twitter users. Only about ξ6 was spent between participants. It’s essentially a failed economy because it’s too hard to spend and track the money when it’s centralized through one person (me). But I knew that was going to happen.

Software is being developed to manage ξ based transactions for wallets, private equity systems, social capital and social insurance systems.  Because of this registration is now “closed” because how people will join the economy will change.

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